The Sky is
not the limit

On the ground, in the air, into space and beyond.

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On the ground...

we combine excellent know-how, extensive expertise and years of experience

... in the air ...

we deliver complex and highly reliable software solutions for communication systems

... and into space

we provide services for public transport, aviation and space missions

The Sky is
not the limit

for communication.

Systems that perform in areas where there is no room for error.


As a well-recognised software and service company within the FREQUENTIS Group, we develop future-oriented solutions using innovative technologies in all areas of the information and communication industry.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

Software components for voice communication systems in air traffic control

Competence in project management for complex software development projects

Components for command centres in the area of public safety (ambulance services, fire and rescue services, police forces, etc.)

Longstanding development and solution partnership with FREQUENTIS AG (

Optimised IT support for projects

In the area of air traffic management, our software ensures that the communication between the operators in the tower or air traffic control centre and the pilots in the aircraft is reliable and secure. In the public safety sector, our software solutions provide the dispatchers in the control centres with the communication capability to contact the forces in the field over different radio systems.

The Sky is
not the limit

for quality.

High standards are essential.


Because our customers need to guarantee absolutely error-free operations when using these communication systems, they also demand high quality standards.

The most modern non-blocking voice communication systems for air traffic control and for public safety applications need to fulfil the highest availability and safety standards.

All processes follow the process-oriented standards for quality-assured work integrated in our company (e.g. ISO 9001, ED-109, ED-153, etc.).

The Sky is
not the limit

for competence.

Safety critical applications are part of our DNA.


Values such as agility, efficiency and cooperation are part of our corporate culture, and our teams put them into practice every day.

This is reflected both in our long-term employee relationships and in the friendly work climate within the company.

Thanks to their exceptional skills and many years of experience, our highly qualified technicians can always guarantee precise and modern software solutions in the field of voice communication for air traffic control and public safety.

A lean company organisation with horizontal decision-making structures helps to promote and further strengthen the sense of personal responsibility in our employees.

Our employees are experts in their fields who apply their specialist knowledge with dedication, determination and perseverance.

The Sky is
not the limit

for value.

Enhanced benefits for our customers.


Our employees strive to not only success-fully complete their projects, but to deliver great added value to our customers.

In order to achieve this goal the know-how network of the entire FREQUENTIS Group is available at all times during project realisation. The regular exchange of information guarantees optimal project implementation and ensures that complex challenges are successfully mastered.

Our competence in telecommunication-based solutions is based on the extensive expertise of our employees, both in software development and in the areas of IT infrastructure and project management.

The Sky is
not the limit

for confidence.

Trusted by the world’s number one.


FREQUENTIS is the world market leader in communication systems for air traffic control (, and PDTS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FREQUENTIS AG. Naturally, FREQUENTIS AG is also our most important partner and customer.

Our longstanding partnership with FREQUENTIS is existing for over 30 years, and over the years we have provided holistic software solutions for communication systems in air traffic control and in the public safety sector that are used worldwide and meet the highest demands of our customers in terms of availability, safety and quality.

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Some examples of systems where our software is installed:

Voice communication systems for international customers (Euro Control, FAA, AustroControl, NASA, ESA, etc.)

Communication gateways to interface with nationwide TETRA systems (Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, etc.)

Company foundation:


Number of employees (2021):


Company turnover (2021):

€ 8 m

The Sky is
not the limit

for spirit.

The best team gets even better.


If our values resonate with you, you have exceptional know-how in one or more of the areas listed below, you want to take on responsibility in the development of critical and sensitive software and are keen to be involved in exciting projects for international customers, then we look forward to hearing from you or receiving your application.

Areas of expertise

Software development in C/C++ and/or JAVA

Project management of complex SW development projects

Audio processing

Agile software development methods

Modern software architectures

The FREQUENTIS Group offers its employees a wide range of opportunities for further training.

Please send your application to:

Moeringgasse 20
A-1150 Vienna / Austria